World-Class Christian TRAINING


The General Commission on United Methodist Men exists to serve the local church and Men of the Methodist Church. Disciples are made by helping people connect to and follow Jesus Christ. We are blessed to have the BEST training available to equip Leaders as the Church works to make Disciples of Jesus. Our goal is to support the church and to identify “Best-In-Class” training and provide this as needed, where needed.

Taking a consultative approach the Louisiana Methodist Men have a generous catalog of training resources covering the full gamut of the needs of the church and men today. Few if any of our churches have the resources to deliver training on every desired topic which is where the GCUMM & LA UMM come in. Consulting with the local church and men we can help identify the best resource to meet your need and bring it to the District or even the local church.

There are so many training topics and resources available that it is not practical to list them all here. A small sampling of topics follows, but PLEASE contact us for your specific needs at:

  • LEAD LIKE JESUS – The preeminent Christian Leadership Development course offered by one of only two Master Trainers in the world!
  • FATHERHOOD TUNE-UP – For today’s father who is trying to balance a work life, marriage and parenting.
  • WESLEY CLASS MEETING – (Worst name ever!) This is the CORE of Methodism! The “Class Meeting” is basis for our “Method” and is the original Methodist Small Group. We offer training on how to form an effective small group ministry that can literally change a church.
  • AMEND – Ground-breaking training for the entire church on how to prevent abuse. This is MUST for all churches and districts.
  • YOUTH – GCUMM is the nation’s #1 facilitator of effective youth programs including Scouting, Campfire, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Amachi and more. We have over 150 trained Scouting Ministry Specialists who can help get things going for your church!
  • REACHING YOUNGER MEN – Proven processes and approaches to reach younger men and connect them to Christ and the Church.
  • PRISON MINISTRY – The #1 Disciple Bible Study is incorporated into a turn-key prison ministry where we offer training and facilitate every aspect of starting and maintaining a fruitful prison ministry.
  • FEEDING THE HUNGRY – We have a variety of proven and effective programs and resources to connect food to the needy.
  • SPIRITUAL NEEDS – Everything from the Walk To Emmaus and Upper Room Prayer Line to personal devotions, studies, retreats and events that enhance and advance a man’s spiritual life.
  • DISASTER RESPONSE – Partnering with existing agencies and organizations we channel resources and facilitate training to support affected areas.
  • CERTIFIED MEN’S MINISTRY SPECIALIST PROGRAM – Comprehensive training to develop and equip men called to serve the local church and annual conference as a fully qualified consultant.