Hunker Down? NO!

“Hunker Down” literally means ‘Sit on one’s heels’, or sit quietly, doing NOTHING. As we “Shelter-In-Place during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the LAST thing we need to be doing is hunkering down.

Yes, quiet time and most especially family time are very important to prioritize. Along with these components of a balance Discipline we must also be ‘In Service To Others’ which can take some very creative forms. Many churches, groups and businesses are learning how to leverage the internet connectivity to conduct video meetings, prayer times and worship together. This is a GREAT idea, and allows us all to safely interact from the comfort of our homes.

There are other ways to be fruitful during this enforced isolation. PRAYER for one another is vital – always. Make a prayer list, and set apart time to lift up those on your list to God Almighty. More than anything else, this bears “Good Fruit”.

Other ways to serve is to simply pick up the phone and call people (plural) and reach out to them. I’ve heard from several men that they’ve either called a friend they haven’t spoken to for years, or received such a call. Wonderful! Likewise I’ve heard from men like Joe Kelley, St. Francisville UMC, St. Francisville, LA – that he has been calling a significant number of the people in his church! 

Bottom line – you CAN make this time useful and through Jesus Christ, fruitful!

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