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      1. Shall serve on the Executive Board of the LCUMM.
      2. Shall be elected according to the rules of their representative District.
      3. If a District is not established and operating with members, the Conference President and Directors shall develop a Team until the District is in full operations and have members to hold a proper election.
      4. Shall complete training for his position.
      5. The President of a District shall submit a Plan of Operations, approved by the District’s Board, before the start of each year to the Conference President. The Plan of Operations shall consist of membership meeting dates, events, fund raisers, new and renewing charters plan, and a list of all district officers’ address, phone numbers, and e-mail address.
      6. The District President shall submit a copy of the District Constitution and By-Laws to the Conference Secretary with his District Secretary and Treasurer giving quarterly reports to the Conference Secretary.